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Could you save money on your energy bills?

3rd February 2015

Please post your contact details via
or visit Joanne Barrett at her library Drop Ins
Drop In to talk to Joanne about how much your energy is costing you, support with communicating with your providers, and talking about how you use energy.

Bring your bills or details of how much you pay to any drop in at:
Marcus Garvey, Tottenham Green Leisure Centre, Philip Lane, N15: Wednesdays 9am - 11am
Coombes Croft, Tottenham High Road, N17: Wednesdays 2pm - 4pm
Central Library, Wood Green High Road, N22: Thursdays  9am - 11am
Hornsey Library, Haringey Park, N8: Fridays 9am - 11am

Living Under One Sun brings the community an innovative approach to saving money on gas and electricity bills through advice on a collective action advice on reducing energy costs: The Haringey Big Community Switch.

We set up the project in April 2013 and have worked with people to develop their financial management skills and find ways to reduce energy costs.

Joanne Barrett the Community Outreach Worker for ‘The Haringey Big Community Switch’ said ‘This has been a great opportunity to help give people the confidence to manage their own gas and electricity bills. People are much more willing to negotiate with their gas and electricity providers.  We talk about gas and electricity and how it’s used.  Together we find ways to reduce costs.’

When you register for The Haringey Big Community Switch, you can compare the price you are paying now with an alternative. The Collective Switching project aims to reduce energy prices through a ‘reverse auction’. The more people who register to switch, the better the deal is likely to be and the cost for gas and electricity may be reduced for everyone. There is no obligation to switch.

A Haringey Resident said:
‘I live in a rental property and it’s much more difficult to control how much is spent on energy. It’s living with other people. Gas and Electricity was just another thing wrong. I talked to Joanne. Now I’m going to enlist my flatmates. Talk to the landlord about lowering the temperature on the shower setting. We are only going to put as much water as we need in the kettle.’
Helen, Haringey N15

Our first Big Switch took place in April 2013. Over 160,000 people signed-up across the UK!
In Haringey:
70% of people who registered could save money by switching
£130 was the average saving for a dual fuel direct debit customer
£114 was the average saving across all tariffs, including pre-payment

Register your interest before the next Auction Date 3rd February 2015

In the community Joanne Barrett holds workshops for community groups, schools, faith groups, in sheltered accommodation, and for resident groups, and at events. We work in partnerships with organisations such as Homes for Haringey, Manor House PACT and Quaker Social Action.

Please contact Joanne Barrett at Living Under One Sun to find out more. We are always interested in training volunteers: please contact us to find out more.

Joanne Barrett
Collective Switching
Community Outreach Worker
Living Under One Sun
Neighbourhood Resource Centre
177 Park Lane, Tottenham,
London, N17 0HJ

Tel:0208 8016868    
Mob: 07415345640