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Blooming Beds and Bees

Blooming Beds and Bees

Blooming Beds and Bees was Living Under One Sun’s heart-warming response to tensions in Tottenham after the riots in 2011. Residents, young and old and from all walks of life, learnt together and collaborated to create 12 green growing places  - bringing nature closer to communities and communities closer together!

A 21-week course trained ‘community champions’ in project management, food growing, horticulture and biodiversity. Volunteers included 28 local residents who became food growers, with 23 trainees also becoming beekeepers, including 4 young people.

People from different generations and cultures then joined forces to turn 12 derelict or unused patches of land into beautiful growing spaces – giving several neighbourhoods a positive sense of pride and purpose.
The project also:
  • raised residents awareness of nature, actively engaging 20 community groups, 7 schools, 2 children’s centres and 2 colleges;
  •  created a tailored community champions training manual, 3 of whom secured jobs
  •  celebrated the community’s achievements – including 66 jars of urban honey - at a Blooming Beds and Bees festival, held opposite where the riot took place.
After the project, 43 jobs were created after the project ended in 2013 as LUOS went on to successfully develop & deliver community outreach programmes, with The Conservation Trust naming Living Under One Sun as Community Group of the Year for 2011/12!

Watch the Blooming Beds and Bees DVD at shorter version 3 minutes longer version 16 minutes